SNIP Collier Year in Review 

Well it's a new year and we at SNIP are looking forward to another successful year but first let me reflect back on 2016 . Our spay/neuter numbers jumped from approximately 170  in 2015 to 220 in 2016. We screen the clients the best we can and feel that most are truly in need of help. Most of the dogs we do come from low income areas in Collier County .  

Another program that we have worked hard on this year is finding pregnant dogs, or ones that have young pup's convincing the owners to let us put them in foster care until they are old enough to be spayed or neutered then adopted out. We then spay mom and return her to her owner. These pup's would have been given away to anyone that wants them and then more puppies and the mom's get pregnant again. We are trying to stop this revolving door !!! SNIP has brought in approximately 70 pup's and moms into this program in 2016 this program would not be possible without the help from the community.  SNIP would like to thank the officers at Domestic Animal Services they refer problem cases to us and get our name out in some of these remote areas. Without them we would not be able to find many of the animals and people we help .  

    I want to thank Pat and Jill for all of their help, which without them this organization would not have grown to what it is. Last I want to thank everyone that has supported us because we could not have been this successful without you. 

     P.S. We always need volunteers 

Tom Kepp


Once again Tom has found mom and a liter of Pits trying to survive in less than healthy environment the owners unable to take care of the new additions.

 SNIP Collier will find a foster family t0 care for mom and her pups and get them healthy again. SNIP will also take on the cost of spaying momma pit with the help from donations made thru this site.

When the pups are older they also will be spayed or neutered and adopted to families who can and will care for them. Tom will return Momma to her family in Immokalee.

Saving Many Lives Again

More Puppies Surrendered 

​September 2016

Whittie went home last night !!! After being in foster and having six puppies then spayed , she was returned to her owner. SNIP found her in immokalee when she was pregnant and with the help of Humane Society she was given medical care and puppies found homes. Thanks all !!!

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Another team effort by Domestic Animal Services,

Snip Collier.

SNIP went out to Immokalee after receiving a lead from officer Johnathon and found these guys living outside. 
Tom  arranged to have this young ladies family fostered until old enough to be spay/neuter then adopted out. 

In the last month SNIP has taken 13 puppies and 3 moms off the streets in Immokalee. SNIP needs a few new volunteers and a couple temporary foster homes for occasional use. Contact Tom Kepp if you would like to help us out.


Whitties Story December 2016

​Home for the Holidays 

Back in March Pat & Jill found this mom and her 6 pups in Naples Manor while making their weekly educational  trip in the communities looking for families in need of SNIPColliers services. 

 Pat talked the pet owner into "thinking" about getting mom and the pups spayed & neutered. 

After many visits and calls from Tom over the next few weeks the owner called late one night and asked Tom if he could help him. 

​The next morning Tom was picking up 4 of the pups to be surrendered to the Humane Society to  be  spayed & neutered and adopted out to a loving home. Next week SNIPcollier will pick mom and the 2 remaining pups take them to one of the local clinics for their spay & neuter surgeries and returned home to the family. 

                                   Thanks to SNIP Collier Volunteers working together there will be many families with happy & healthy dogs.