September 7, 2016

I have had the privilege of meeting those who make SNIP Collier an amazing organization. As a volunteer at a local shelter I see firsthand the importance of what they are doing. It's not an easy job. Not only are they amazing people but they are doing amazing things! Keep up the great work guys! Thank you for voting

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October 10,2017Hello Staff,
I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you ALL how thankful and humble my 2 dogs and 2 cats were for the donations. We were very thankful for you passing by here in Davenport Trailor Park in Immokalee after Irma hit. I was so sad to see other people who had to leave their pets behind it is not an easy decision  to make.We were greatful to be able to take all of our pets to where we traveled too. But it was a lot of trauma on the animals that stayed behind. The day after I returned after the storm I saw many lose animals in the neighborhood without any owners around. However, my little dog who is so picky has enjoyed the food as well as the others. Thank you again for coming to the area in a time of need! What a wonderful program you have with the snip collier. We have went through this program with our dogs and are greatful for this program as well. Take care and many thanks for keeping these programs in Collier County! 
The Sierra Family



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May 12, 2016

SNIP Collier is doing this community a great service by reducing the chance of dogs having more unwanted puppies that end up in our local shelters. 
My experience is with the founder Tom Kepp. He is by far a man on a mission, and what a chore it must be to go around and communicate with all the local vets, shelters, as well as going into the communities looking for dogs that need to be spayed or neutered, all while doing this on his own time and money. Tom met my wife through the local humane society and the two clicked and are now a team with the other volunteers to reduce the number of dogs being brought into our county's domestic animal services.

Jim D

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